Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008

If I Was You, I'd Market My Website Like This...


This is a brief but never the less valuable introduction into internet marketing; whether you're doing affiliate marketing or if your marketing you own website - READ ON!


This goes without saying but just in case; you're going to first need a website or other online selling platform, a Blog or MySpace account can be used as an alternative to a private website.

What ever the platform make sure you're happy to stick with it, expect to be using it for some time.

However you monetize it, make sure everything is working correctly; Adsense is picking up keywords, your affiliate links work, your Paypal link works etc.

If your site isn't working properly then there's no point in marketing it.

You want your website to convert (Take action that profits you) as many visitors as possible. Here are some handy ways of getting people to "Click"...

My top 3.

1. Write a product review

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