Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008

Get Your Website Noticed With 3 Easy Tweaks

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Did you know that the average person will spend less than 15 seconds reading your webpage? So much for all that perfectly-precise text where you describe absolutely everything you do in loving detail! Guess what-no one's reading it. They're skimming. Are you skimming now?

A couple months ago I bought some website traffic analysis software so I could tell how my search engine placement is going and see what my popular pages were. I about fell over dead when I realized how quickly people click in and out, especially because I do some pay-per-click advertising that costs me over $1 per click! Being a detail-queen myself, I had to completely re-think my copy writing.

To be the most effective, your website copy should be written for 3 types of website browsers. If you make these small tweaks, you'll have your bases covered!

Tweak Number 1: Write for People Who Scan: Most people surfing the web are page scanners. To speak to them, employ a combination strategy for easy readability:

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