Kamis, 20 Maret 2008

Finally a website where you can get the perfect answers for the questions that you post.

We often have questions about different aspects in life regarding our
love life, our health and even our culture. We can find a lot of factual
information on search sites but sometimes we want other people to
express their views when they are answering our questions. Brainbashing
lets you do exactly what you want others to do. You can simply register on
the site for free by filling in the online registration form. Once you
are registered, you are ready to post any number of questions you
want. You may ask questions on any topic under the sun. There are different
categories under which you can post your questions. For example, if
you have a particular question related to business, you can post it under
the business section. There are even sub categories under the main
category. For example, the entertainment category has books and literature
category, celebrity category, etc.

When you post a question on the site, the other members will read your
question and they will answer it if they have the knowledge or
experience in the field of your question. You may find interesting answers to
your questions or even wacky answers that are not related to your
question at all. However the best advantage of posting questions on this site
is that you don

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